Suspension World Academy

Unique and exclusive, the courses taught in our modern Suspension World Academy are aimed at auto, moto and bike technicians and riders who want to discover all the suspension secrets.

Off Road Courses

Motorcycle Courses

Auto Courses

Bike Courses

Our know-how available for all

From the principles that rule the set up, to the work on forks and shock absorbers, to their adjustment, by adding the custom set up based on the car, motorcycle or bicycle model, the circuit characteristics, rider’s weight and its driving style.

Over the years, as well as it happens now, the Andreani Group staff has trained sector workers and technicians from prestigious Companies, teams and motorcycle manufacturers at international level, in the exclusive hall provided of a suspension test bench and of an advanced simulator with maxi screen and bidirectional telemetry that reproduces live the several cases of use of forks and shock absorbers.

The speakers are the same technicians that over the year are on the circuits to manage the motorcycles set up of the various riders, and they can transfer their experience to the attendees which are divided according to their level of knowledge and consolidation they want to have.

Refresher Courses

We periodically carry out refresher courses for Andreani Group Centers and Dealers, focusing on the functioning and the upgrades of the tools actually used by them. Thanks to the consolidated agreements with the main sector companies, we are also able to provide in advance all the information related to the products that are arriving on the market and to future technologies.

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