Motorcycle Courses for Foreign Operators

A specific two-day course that allows you to deal with the setting and maintenance of forks and shock absorbers of all motorcycles on the market, in a professional and complete manner.

Are you planning to attend? In addition to the course you can here book your stay at the Park Hotel Cattolica at the following negotiated rates:

    • Course fee €610,00 +
    • accomodation in double room single occupancy in half board €73,00 per night
    • accomodation in double room in half board €114,00 per night

Limited number of seats.

11 – 12 November 2019

This product is currently out of stock and unavailable.

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The motorcycle courses are aimed at increasing the participants’ knowledge on everything related to suspension setup, but also take into consideration other issues such as the driving style and the physical characteristics of the rider.

During the event it will be explained how to work on the most important suspension brands, both road and off-road. Starting from basics and go on till more sophisticated points, the course will  be divided into two days learing theory and practice.

Programme of the day of theory:

  • How road and offroad forks and shock absorbers work
  • Theory of the road and offroad motorcycle balancing
  • Difference between comfort and performance
  • Impact of the setup on the road safety
  • Forks and shock absorbers calibration
  • Focus on the problems related to the setup and related solutions

Programme of the pratcical day carried out by our track technicians:

  • How to proceed in the fork and shock absorber mounting and dismounting
  • Which are the parameters to set and the guidelines to follow to improve the smoothness of the fork and of the shock absorber
  • Explanation of the various instruments contained in the “toolbox”
  • Explanation of how the Vaacum Pump works

The course will be held according the following timetable:
ore 9.00: registration of participants, delivery of the teaching materials and coffe time
ore 9.30: course start with introductory speech from Mister Giuseppe Andreani, Andreani Group owner
ore 10.45: coffe break
ore 13.00: lunch (included in the cost and will be in a restaurant next to our facility (5 minutes by car))
ore 14.30: resumption of the work
ore 16.00: coffe break
ore 18.00: course end

The course will be held in English.

Course instructors will be Giona Andreani (Off-Road Department) and Tommaso Noccioli (Road/Racing Department).


If you are going to purchase also our tools package, you will get the cost of the course (500.00€) off from the grand total.
So here below is the offer for our tools, please check attached PDF File to have a look at our machines more in detail.
Universal Tool Box : 3200.00€
Additional Street Tools Package : 780.00€
Additional Off-Road Tools Package : 745.00€
Spring tester: 1632.00€
Vacuum Pumps 220v. You have to choose one machine between:

  • SP4 2500.00€, fully automatic machine;
  • SP5 3300.00€, this is our latest and most powerful machine.

All these machines do come with 14 fittings dedicated to the most common suspension brands like Showa, Kayaba, WP and Öhlins.

Note: To have the course cost refunded you need to purchase at least the universal tool box + one of our vacuum pumps (SP4 or SP5). Prices are NET for 220v engines, for 110v please send us a quotation request.

You can also decide to pick up the tools during the course, or if we have to ship it to your workshop. In this case delivery charges will be calculated as soon as we get all your details.


To offer an All Inclusive package to our courses participants, Andreani Group signed an agreement with Park Hotel Cattolica.

Booked with special rating, a stay in half board and dinner with menu a la carte in double room or double room single occupancy.
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