Suspension Technology Course


A specific course that allows you to deal with the setting and the maintenance of forks and shock absorbers, as well as with the telemetry.

24 January 2020
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The car courses are aimed at increasing the participants’ knowledge on everything related to suspension setup.

During the event it will be explained how to adjust the fork and shock absorber, as well as how to performing maintenance work.

This full-day course, from 9:00 to 18:00, deals with the following issues:

• The shock absorbers role
• How they affect the car grip and balance
• Suspension layouts
• The sprung and unsprung masses
• Rolling and pitching
• Camber, Caster and King pin
• Technology and operation of standard shock absorbers
• Technology and operation of TTX shock absorbers
• Oil characteristics and the maintenance importance
• The shock absorber setup

The registration fee does include luch.