Advanced Suspension Technology Course


A specific course that allows you to deal with the setting and the maintenance of forks and shock absorbers, as well as with the telemetry.
Are you planning to attend? In addition to the course you can here book your stay at the Park Hotel Cattolica at the following negotiated rates:

    • Course fee €610,00 +
    • accomodation in double room single occupancy in half board €73,00 per night
    • accomodation in double room in half board €114,00 per night

Limited number of seats.

24 – 25 January 2020
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The car courses are aimed at increasing the participants’ knowledge on everything related to suspension setup, in order to help them to better interpreting the drivers feedback.

This two-days course, from 9:00 to 18:00, deals with the following issues:

Day 1 Programme:

• The shock absorbers role
• How they affect the car grip and balance
• Suspension layouts
• The sprung and unsprung masses
• Rolling and pitching
• Camber, Caster and King pin
• Technology and operation of standard shock absorbers
• Technology and operation of TTX shock absorbers
• Oil characteristics and the maintenance importance
• The shock absorber setup

Day 2 Programme:

• The suspension kinematic
• Motion Ratio
• Roll center
• Ackermann
• Roll e bump steer
• The vehicle dynamics
• The center of gravity
• Antifeatures
• The effects that such factors have on the wheels
• The importance of the frame rigidity
• The shock absorders operation and the effects that the adjustments have on them
• Examples of telemetry analysis

The course will be held according the following timetable:
ore 9.00: registration of participants, delivery of the teaching materials and coffe time
ore 9.30: course start with introductory speech from Mister Giuseppe Andreani, Andreani Group owner
ore 10.45: coffe break
ore 13.00: lunch
ore 14.30: resumption of the work
ore 16.00: coffe break
ore 18.00: course end

The course will be held in Italian.

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Booked with special rating, a stay in half board and dinner with menu a la carte in double room or double room single occupancy.
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